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There are many research studies to show how

“mother trees” connect with the forest around them.




The mother tree:

Simard, Suzanne. “The Mother Tree Project.”


Trees can help each other:

Simard, Suzanne, David A. Perry, Melanie D. Jones, David D. Myrold, Daniel M. Durall, and Randy Molina. “Net Transfer of Carbon Between Ectomycorrhizal Tree Species in the Field.” Nature 388,

no. 6642 (1997): 579–82.


Trees learn and remember:

Gagliano, Monica, Michael Renton, Martial Depczynski, and Stefano Mancuso. “Experience Teaches Plants to Learn Faster and Forget Slower in Environments Where It Matters.” Oecologia 175, no. 1 (2014): 63–72.


Trees communicate with each other:

Gagliano, Monica, Stefano Mancuso, and Daniel Robert. “Towards Understanding Plant Bioacoustics.” Trends in Plant Science 17, no. 6 (2012): 323–25.

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Maffei, Massimo & Wilhelm, Boland. (2007). “The Silent Scream of the Lima Bean.” Paper presented at Chemical Ecology: The Variety of Secondary Metabolites, Jena, Germany, June 2007.

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