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Charles Bongers

Charles Bongers has had a lifelong passion for nature and the outdoors as a world-class sailor, mountain climber and tree advocate. Throughout his life, he has always felt at home in the forest, surrounded by the undeniable energy of trees. Charles wrote and illustrated Do Trees Have Mothers? to help spark a connection to nature, among a new generation of young people. As research tells us, the earlier a child is introduced to the natural world around them, the more likely they will choose to live within its wonder and calm and, most importantly, feel a responsibility as its future custodian.


Charles is the founder and creative director of Charles Bongers + Co., an eco-focused, brand design and illustration company. He also serves as creative director to Wild Entrust/Coaching Conservation, a wildlife conservation trust in Southern Africa dedicated to supporting the long-term viability of threatened wildlife populations and helping children to care about themselves, each other, and the natural environment around them.


Born in Cape Town, South Africa, Charles now lives in Toronto, Canada, with his family.

“The forest is a place of discovery, adventure and wellbeing.

Go out and enjoy it!”

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