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Narrated by “Nuts” the playful squirrel and inspired by the wondrous science of trees, Do Trees Have Mothers? aims to spark a connection to nature in children ages 3 to 8 years old. As research tells us, the earlier a child is introduced to the natural world, the more likely they will choose to live within its wonder and calm, as well as feel a responsibility as its future custodian.

With whimsical illustrations and age-appropriate text, Do Trees Have Mothers? translates scientific knowledge about the kinship structures of the forest into an affirming story about how trees nurture their young. Discover all the ways in which a mother tree protects and nourishes the baby trees of the forest understory.

Meet "Nuts", the original tree planter and playful narrator of Do Trees Have Mothers?

Eighty percent of the time he forgets where his nuts are stashed!

Nuts the original mother tree planter
Mother tree leaf


"This beautifully designed and illustrated picture book is a first introduction to how trees support one another, based on the science detailed in books like The Hidden Life of Trees and Finding the Mother Tree." Canadian Teacher

"An engaging, effectively illustrated introduction to a rarely covered nature subject for young readers." – Kirkus

“This book will help a child to build a lifelong connection to nature by learning about the secret and tender life of trees and the magical web of life that surrounds and supports us.”―Tara Zupancic, MPH, Public Health Scientist

“Nuts, the story-telling squirrel, is cute and will elicit giggles from youngsters listening to the book.”

San Francisco Book Review

"Do Trees Have Mothers? is The Hidden Life of Trees (Greystone, 2016) and Finding the Mother Tree (Penguin Random House, 2021) for the preschool set. The perfect book for budding nature lovers, this book introduces the forest’s complex and fascinating wonders in a friendly and age-appropriate way." ― Douglas & McIntyre, Publisher

“What better way to teach us how to care for trees than to learn that they, too, have mothers? I love this book.”

―Scot Ritchie, author of Lilliana and the Frogs

“Combining tree facts with fun illustrations and cute characters, Do Trees Have Mothers? shows young children the importance of forest conservation by demonstrating the interconnectedness of forest species."―Judy Hilgemann, author of The Great Grizzlies Go Home

“The art invites you in and the story fills your heart. A testament to our deep connection with nature, you will never look at the forest the same way again!”―Robert (Lucky) Budd, co-author of the First West Coast Book series

“A delightfully warm and informative book about the power of trees, written in a way any child can understand.”―Adrian Raeside, author of The Rainbow Bridge

“If you are looking for a book that helps children develop a lifelong connection to nature, “Do Trees Have Mothers?” by Charles Bongers is a good place to start. A delightfully curious squirrel named “Nuts” teaches us how some trees nurture and mother their offspring in similar ways animals care for their babies. The illustrations, rendered in a soothing colour pallet with rhythmic lines, are lively and witty. The approachable and whimsical text is based on the latest research on the complex and fascinating ways in which trees are connected as a community. This delightful book will help to nurture future generations of tree planters and tree huggers!”―Lori Weidenhammer, author of Victory Garden for Bees

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